Website Maintenance Services

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Website Maintenance Services

Planning, creating, developing and finally launching your website is not the whole picture of it all. Your website is a dynamic progress. Websites serve its best potential when it gets the attention and care it needs.

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Some facts that a website owner like you should know:


• Google and other search engines rank websites that are always checked, maintained and updated.

• Google’s ranking formula is ever changing, you have to keep up to stay on top

• One of the most effective and practically free method to increase search engine ranking is providing your visitors fresh new content regularly.

• Broken links and pages is a common error for websites that can affect your ranking and lose you visitors but can be sorted easily by regular checks.


• Most website updates required as often as once a week may affect function and appearance which needs special attention.

• Q= Why is Facebook and other social media sites so popular?
A= People love to see something new every day, your website needs to keep up too!

• Just like fashion trends, website design is also ever changing; experts always find ways to improve user experience and overall appeal of websites.


• Attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities more rapidly than companies can defend against them. – Symantec

• There are over billions of data breaches worldwide last year 2015 which included big US businesses, Greek government, Ebay, Experian, even our very own NHS and many others.

• Website components such as WordPress platform and plugins are constantly updating to address security holes in the aim of providing a more secure version.

Do you want us to take care of your website?