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If you need a website that will simply present information about you or your business, then this is perfect for you.

5-10 Pages | includes pages such as-

Home Page Contact Page
Services About us Page
Gallery/Portfolio Testimonials
Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions

…& many more depending on your needs

Main Purposes-
To provide information, tell your clients how to contact you, and how to avail of your service/s.
To showcase your previous work and share testimonials from your customers.


Do you run an organization, charity, school or perhaps religious group? This website is ideal to tell the world what your cause and purpose is and to reach our to a wider source of support.

5-10 Standard Website Pages

Additional Features you can add:

Donation Option Blog/Updates
Events/Projects Timeline Membership Registration
Job/Volunteer Application Forum Section


An Ecommerce website is what you need if you have products/items to sell and you’d like to take payments through your website.

5-10 Standard Website Pages

1-↑ Product/Item Display Pages

Shop Features-
• Main shop page displaying products/items

• Payment system integration
• Easy product/item search and filter system
• Optional features- auction type system, wishlist/favourites button, social sharing, etc.


This kind of website is fit for you if you want to showcase your products/items but don’t want to accept any payment through the website.

5-10 Standard Website Pages

Gallery/Portfolio/Catalogue Section-
Main section of the website where items, projects, previous work, or products are beautifully displayed.

Who is it for?

Shop owners eBay/Amazon sellers
Photographers Designers
Real Estate Artists

and more…


If you need to take bookings/reservations or if you need to share your schedule to your customers, then this website is what you need.

5-10 Standard Website Pages

Booking/Reservations/Schedule Section-
Page that features a table, calendar or any other format which displays schedule.
A form or simply contact details is provided as the final tool for booking/reserving.

Who is it for?

Hotel/Accommodation Gym/Fitness
Spa/Salon/Barber Shop Speakers
Training/Course Providers Real Estate Agents/Landlords
Delivery Services Catering/Events
Sole Traders/Self-employed offering services that needs booking


You can do pretty much anything with a personal website. Yes, it’s all about you! You can write articles, news, and other updates for your followers on your very own blog.

3-5 Standard Pages

1-↑ Blog Pages

Best for-

Writers, Bloggers Personalities/Celebrities Membership Website
Students Stay at home Mum/Dad Retirees
Professionals How-to Guides Gaming Tutorials
Health Articles Fashion & Beauty Tips Kitchen Tips & Recipes
Travel Notes Product & Service Reviews Tech Guides & Tutorials

…. and more!

Share your views or perhaps monetize your site through hosting ads, affiliates and donations.


Haven’t found the website you have in mind? We offer a whole lot more types of websites.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

Classifieds Website Directory Website Membership Website
Affiliate Website Forum/Q&A Website Dating Website
File Sharing Website Wiki Website Survey Website

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Have something special in mind? Mix and match features of the above mentioned websites to create your project to suit your preferences!

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