9 Great Reasons for owning a website:

  1. This online world welcomes anyone
  2. Websites are accessible anywhere, anytime
  3. Online presence builds profile
  4. Opportunity for long life learning
  5. The world wide web offers a wide exposure
  6. A website is a business itself
  7. Websites are updated with ease
  8. Online approach is a great tool for audience satisfaction
  9. Get a website for a great tool for promotion

As a website services based business, we do meet different types of clients regularly. There are straightforward people who would discuss their website vision in detail and are keen to start the project right away. Of course, there are also people who are also still on the process of discovering what website they should go for and for what specific purpose they are looking to use it for.

80% of people will look at your website before doing any business with you‘ Among the inquiries we receive, around 30% are individuals who are quite unsure of their decisions on whether to get their own website or not. So yeah, aside from promoting our business or discussing about the website creation process, people would sometimes sought our advice on website ownership.

Most of the time, in fact, 100% we advice people to go for it. It’s not merely for driving sales for our business but mainly because websites truly offer huge potentials that some people are not fully aware of and that we know how much of a loss it can be not to go for a website.


Here are 9 good valid reasons why having your own website is the next best decision you can make:

1. The online world welcomes ANYONE

The internet is like another dimension, it offers any website a new breath of life alongside the owner of course. There are no particular pre-requisites to be embraced and become a part of the online realm aside from a domain, server, website and the passion for it.

In the real world, a business owner needs to project a certain reputation or even a job seeker needs to have a list of experiences and skills. Online, users don’t really judge the person behind a website, as long as you are providing good content that is helpful and cater to the needs of your target users.

Online, there is no such thing as a security gate where would be website owners are filtered. Anyone is given a clean start and opportunity to introduce ideas that can make an impact.

2. Websites are accessible anywhere, anytime

websites-phone-accessMost of the businesses in the actual world have closing times and human beings ourselves also need time to stop working and get some rest. Contrary to what we have in real life, as long as there is internet connection websites are available anytime and is accessed anywhere.


Things such as booking a flight or bidding on an item in eBay auctions are done anytime even during those wee hours of 3:00 AM when you just can’t sleep and just want to do something. Online web brings entertainment, services, and all sorts of things you can think of readily available for anyone who needs it.

3. Online presence builds profile

Websites are used in various purposes but at the end of the day, behind a website is an individual, a business, organization, company, a persona, an entity that is defined by the attributes of the website. Owning a website gives a very good chance for the owner to nurture a profile based solely on what the website itself is portraying and what the website can offer.

The rise of social media also adds up as a tool to showcase one’s website and indeed people gives trust and credibility more likely to someone who has a website. A website can serve as someone’s curriculum vitae, company portfolio or a business showcase which is a timeless investment that can grow overtime, a journal that will stay forever for as long as the owner keeps it with good maintenance.

4. Opportunity for long life learning

One of the most important rules of creating a website is that owners should and must consider the benefit that it can serve its audience. In the process of enhancing, updating and maintaining a website, owners would always find themselves engaged in lifetime learning process trying to perfect what the website serves to its audience.

websites-learning-bloggingGood website owners would always make sure to run their websites smoothly, regularly, and with substance. As they research and create contents, they also learn new things on the way. People are even starting to call some internet personalities expert or guru in their chosen niches. The more website owners write and produce other useful materials such as videos, images and perhaps downloadable digital goods, the more they are discovering new things.

Running a website gives a win-win outcome in the end which is  the opportunity to teach and to learn at the same time.

5. The world wide web offers a wide exposure

The internet is just one innovative medium that connects the immensity of the world. It imposes an opportunity and the challenge to be big. Whatever a website contains becomes readily accessible all across the miles.

Charity organizations can easily spread the word about their vision for change. A clothing shop can sell its items to any country it wishes to serve.  News travel twice as fast, twice as wide-spread as what the television can offer. Examples of the vastness of the internet is just a long unending list.

For people who are aiming big and are not limited to their options, websites are excellent venue to start with. There are 3,035,749,340 internet users as of June 2014 according to World Internet Users Statistics so why not grab the chance to share a portion of this massive pie.

6.  A website is a business itself

websites-always-open-close-shopsAgain, there are tons of purposes a website is intended for but website owners have the option to turn it into a source of income. A website can stand on its own; an online shop doesn’t have to have a physical store nor does a virtual world based game needing an actual representation. The success of Google, Amazon and eBay, Facebook, Craigslist are just few of the many examples how starting online can go big.

Aside from having your own products and services, you can also choose to run advertisements which is very good way to get your website more profitable aside from the purpose it serves.

7. Websites are updated with ease

There are various vessels of content. Things such as signboards are used as medium of advertising since the beginning of time; today, the internet offers a new platform which is more flexible and offers a lot of advantages more than we can imagine. Information online is easily editable with a lot of options for enhancement. Physical things such as printed T-shirt can’t just be easily tweaked as easy as you can do on an online custom design clothing shop.

Everything is so dynamic currently and as they always say, a hit today can be forgotten tomorrow. Everyone who wishes to compete in any discipline has to be on the lookout, regularly updated and upgraded in terms of what is offered to people. Websites can even be changed entirely as easy as you can imagine.

8. Online approach is a great tool for audience satisfaction

Websites can offer a range of ways to interact with users and like always, these mediums are very accessible to all. Anyone is always invited to leave a message, live chat and telephone lines are open to all, other contact information is usually provided and surveys are widely encouraged as well. Website owners are also easily reached nowadays with the help of social media from which viewers are more than welcome to communicate with them.

Collection of users’ feedback is a crucial step towards building a website that will give a good experience to the users and of course serve its purpose in the best way possible. To move forward, websites also urge subscribers that can receive regular updates through any means preferred which offers special bonuses and just one of the many ways website owners can take care of their audience.

9. Get a website for a great tool for promotion

“If Google teaches you anything, it’s that small ideas can be big”
-Ben Silbermann
First of all, website promotion is generally inexpensive and sometimes even free. Aside from being able to promote your message/aim in the real world through traditional ways, the internet also offers a lot more ways. These promotional efforts can even be done by website owners themselves and today a lot of services that offer website campaigns.

A website can easily sum up what you are trying to get across and it is the best possible container of information that you can pass around.


Websites are timeless and today’s world is rapidly shifting to the creative solutions that the online world can bring. Not having a website is really not an option anymore for someone who aims big. It is truly a brilliant investment to create a website to your own liking, nurture it and help it grow and be seen as far as you imagined it would go. No matter what you do in life, websites are just like a much cooler version of a journal that can keep your most cherished matters and even share it with the world.

P.S Please feel free to ask us anything, we give suggestions and advice regarding anything about websites and online matters without charge! We’re online most of the time and you can email us at info@magin.co.uk or use our contact form.