Looking for web design tips?

Read on to learn proven web design tips that anyone can easily follow and implement.

So why even bother? The Internet has become the true hub of information, as countless websites provide information on all kinds of subjects. With so many information sources on a given topic, the competition for traffic is fierce. 

If you want to engage more users, your website design needs to be attractive. Taking time to work on your website and applying some web design tips will surely produce results.

Research has indicated that a typical internet user has a very short attention span. If your website doesn’t appeal to users within the first few seconds, they are likely to leave.

Website designs have become pretty standard, with ready-to-use themes available. However, there are ways to improve your design to attract a larger audience.

Let’s dive into some web design tips you can use to enhance your web design.

1. Make It Friendly for All Devices

As technology advances, more and more people use the Internet via cell phones, tablets, and other devices. Most users primarily browse the Internet on the go. The use of the Internet via desktops and laptops has significantly reduced in recent times. 

To cater to all your audiences, make sure that your website is optimized for all kinds of devices. If your website doesn’t work well on cell phones or tablets, you’re likely to lose a considerable chunk of your traffic.

2. Keep Your Theme Simple

Most websites nowadays are based on pre-built themes. You can install a theme and add your pictures and text, and your website is ready. Not surprisingly, some common themes are used by many websites. 

These themes can make your website dull and tired-looking. There are a couple of aspects that you should keep in mind with your theme to gain your audience’s attention.

– Uniqueness

Try and find a unique theme that is at least not used by your competitors. Some website themes are repeated over and over again, and they can become tiresome. It is fine even if you have to pay for a unique theme. 

– Simplicity

Do not try to force too much information on your website, and try to keep it simple. A simple home page that is easy to understand and navigate is preferable. If it’s too complicated or has too many colors, it can be a turn-off for the visitors.

3. Don’t Complicate Your Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is a handy feature as visitors can easily browse the website. However, in some websites, the navigation bar has way too many tabs, and it can become complicated and confusing for the page visitors.

A poorly constructed navigation bar is a big turn-off and makes the website visitors leave instantly. So please keep it simple and effective, and easy to use.

4. Use High-Quality Images

Mere words are not enough to keep the interest of your audience for too long. You must have some high-quality images to reciprocate your words. There are a couple of options in this regard.

– Take Your Own Pictures

You can have your own images for your website. Either you can click them or hire the services of a professional photographer. The results are generally absolutely amazing.

However, the service of a professional can cost you several hundred dollars for a couple of days. You may also need more pictures in the future as you add content about other subjects and may once again need new photos.

– Stock Images

You can also opt for stock images acquired from reputable stock photo websites for very reasonable prices. You also get to choose from millions of images and easily find the ones that suit your needs.

Another beneficial aspect of stock images is that they’re available instantly, and you do need to wait for them to be edited. It’s an excellent option if you have a low budget available.

5. Illustrations and Animations

Adding handmade illustrations and animations can make your website more interesting for visitors. They complement the images rather well. The key is to use both of them carefully and not go overboard.

The illustrations and animations should also be relevant to the subject being discussed. Ideally, you can place them at the start of the article for maximum impact. Like high-quality images, you can get your illustrations and animations made or get them from third-party sources for a price.

6. Smartly Place Your Call to Action

Most websites have a call to action form intended to help website visitors put their queries through. The call to action form should be kept simple and require the name and email address along with the question or comment.

The form should be prominently placed on all the pages on your website to help the visitors. At the same time, it indirectly pushes the user to give out their information by asking a question or commenting. The form is usually locked at a specific position and not affected by scrolling up or down.

“There is no marketing like genuinely positive reviews.”

7. Social Proof

It is a great way to attract people to your website and even sign up for your newsletter or try your product and services. Be sure to place it where it can be seen but does not overpower other homepage elements.

Ideally, you can get an influencer to say some kind words for your website. An endorsement will directly impact your target niche since these people are already well-known and respected in those circles.

If you’re unable to get an influencer to talk about your website, you can put reviews from people that have used it. There is no marketing like genuinely positive reviews. The best way to build upon it is to continue improving the web experience and service quality.


A website must be easy to browse. Website visitors only take a second to move on to the next website if they find it boring or difficult to navigate. No website can claim to be perfect, and some improvements can be made to retain the audience for longer periods.

From having a simple theme to high-quality images and adding some animation in the content, all these steps help the website visitors and make it easy to seek information. The more ease you create for users, the better your website is bound to perform.

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