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One of the most common and frankly one of the biggest mistake of website owners is ignoring the fact that effective SEO is very important. Do not be one of the many who are missing out of the great potentials of being found online.

The very simple and common way people search for products and services online:



Bill wants to buy an item online.


Bill goes to Google to look for his item.


Google gives Bill more than millions of results to choose from.


Bill clicks on the first few links provided on top of the list.


Bill found the item he likes and buys it.


Bill is happy and will always choose to use the internet this way.

Anyone can create their own website but not everyone can be found online. SEO can drive traffic to your website and get the attention it deserves.

Importance of SEO for you as a website owner


Search Engine Optimisation or better known as SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines’ unpaid results referred to as organic or natural results. 

Basically, SEO is the process of doing several interventions in order to “help” search engines find you and read your website properly.

Search engines are there to help people find what they need but because there are tons of websites available out there, website owners are also responsible to help search engines recognize their websites. Proper SEO does that for you.

Did you know?

SEO used to be very technical and complicated but search engines have been improved over time allowing more a “intelligent” process that generates better results.

Nowadays it is more driven by natural language search or use of statements, questions or other every day language that people use. We also have voice activated searches.

Google and other search engines have adapted to this change which makes it all more straightforward as opposed to using selective “keywords” to look for things in the internet.


It is not easy to pinpoint the exact formula on effective SEO. Every search engine utilizes their own unique algorithms which is not known to everyone. There is no such thing as secret strategy or connections with people who work in Google or such that can give any website an advantage.

However, there are points to remember and some practices to follow that are proven to work over time.

SEO is user-centred: Search engines develop quickly adjusting to how users behave. It is not purely about keywords and strictly structured SEO rules anymore but more on tailoring your website to make a pleasant experience for your clients. 

SEO is a never ending process: SEO is not a one off treatment that will instantly and permanently keep your website up on top of the ranks. It takes about 3 months or more to see results given that everything is done properly. But beyond these results, should be constant updating and being consistent of your own SEO methods.


• The #1 driver of traffic to websites is search engine which beats social media by more than 300%.

• 93% of online experiences begin with a search.

• 12 billion searches are conducted per month in US alone.

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