General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force this Friday.  Most of our regular clients requested to update their sites to ensure that they have a GDPR compliant website. It was quite a hectic week!

Like everyone else, we were anxious about this upcoming change as well. The regulation can be confusing and there are no definite answers to know what exactly is required from website owners. We have done our research and although it is a lot to take in and it seems never enough, we have prepared a GDPR list. The list of requirements are used in our own website and we have recommended it to most of our clients as well:

  • Every website should have Terms and Conditions/Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookies (can be included in Privacy Policy) page
  • Cookies notice with accept/reject button
  • Consent acceptance tick boxes for forms (contact forms, subscription forms, etc.)
  • Privacy tools that allow users to download or delete their own data
  • SSL Certificate

Note these are just suggestions and doesn’t guarantee 100% GDPR compliance. You can read more about GDPR here and you can choose to add/remove any of the required website changes above. The above listed requirements is generally applicable for every type of website. It is always important to double check if your website needs extra measures especially if you handle more user data than most.

In relation to this, we are now offering GDPR compliant website packages! We’ve listened to you and added the GDPR compliance features in our website packages. We have updated our packages and we will work with you to make sure that we do all possible measures to protect you and your users’ interests.

The new regulation definitely provides more security and control to users’ privacy and data handling. Why bother? Aside from avoiding hefty penalties, this regulation also brings a lot of positive changes. Users like you and me now have more choice on how much personal information we’d like to share. Rightfully so, our consent is also more important than ever. GDPR is truly a good thing for all of us. It makes the extra work for us website owners worthwhile.

For more information on how to make your site a GDPR compliant website, contact us using our website form, chat or email us at We can also give you a free advice on what to do or anything about websites in general.