New Year, New Website

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Start 2018 right with a new website that you will love! Whether you need to freshen up and modernise your old website or need a completely new one, we can help. We offer high quality affordable website services from web design, web development, maintenance, SEO and other services. Website, maintenance and SEO packages [...]

How to hire a web designer

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Contents INTRODUCTION STEP 1: HIRING Source: It's not a big deal where you find your designer Web Designers usually offer background information online Compatibility between web designer and client matters most  STEP 2: PLANNING Flexibility varies for every web designer Good web designers always follow the rule of give and take  STEP 3: WORKING PHASE [...]

Valuable reasons why you need a website

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9 Great Reasons for owning a website: This online world welcomes anyone Websites are accessible anywhere, anytime Online presence builds profile Opportunity for long life learning The world wide web offers a wide exposure A website is a business itself Websites are updated with ease Online approach is a great tool for audience satisfaction Get [...]

What is the big deal about mobile friendly websites?

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The rise of mobile phone web use Mobile phones used to be primarily for communication purposes; phone calls and text messaging. Remember the big, antenna signaled black Motorola mobile phones that we had? Today, smartphones are part of the generation's essentials. Not only does it provide range of communication aid such as email, video calls, etc. [...]

Are you listed in a quality Business Directory?

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How many free and high quality UK business directories do you know? Those websites that are ranked on Google's top 10 are quality directories. I am not counting advertised ones. These websites have battled their way to the top and are indeed worth to go for. We all know how hard it is to get up the [...]

How to make life better and be happy

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How to be happy? Living is the greatest thing that gives meaning to every action we do, at least that's what I think it is. People do things to achieve something, and somehow improve life in the process. We only live once and that makes it more precious more than anything else. But really, how [...]

How much is the power of the internet?

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The growing power of the internet Recently, there was a broadcast online and even at BBC on how much time spent browsing the internet in the UK. It was said that each of us spend 1 in 12 minutes of our waking time browsing the internet. That of which of course includes social media which [...]